I have placed a couple of downloads here. Two utilities for Stars! which I (and others) have sometimes found it difficult to find, the Stars! Strategy Guide, and two nice little freeware utilities. You can click on the screenshots to view them in full size.

Convert v4.02

Screenshot of the Convert utility Convert v4.02 converts between different units, such as units for speed, distance, area etc. Download (147 kb), unzip it to a directory and run Convert.exe.

Convert v4.02 was written by Joshua F. Madison.

Split File Shell Extension v3.1b

Screenshot of the file splitting utility Split File Shell Extension v3.1b splits up a file into smaller pieces, for example for storage on portable media or e-mailing when there are limits on attachment size. It is a shell extension, i.e. it is run from the right click menu in Windows Explorer. The size of the segments can be defined from a list of predefined sizes, by a user defined size, or by a specific number of segments. The split files can be made self assembling, so the receiver does not need any special software to assemble the file again. Download (284 kb), unzip it to a directory and run install.exe to install the program.

Split File Shell Extension v3.1b was written by Laurent Berger.

Stars! Calculator v3.06

Screenshot of the Stars! Calculator utility Stars! Calculator v3.06 allows Stars! players to easily calculate useful information like attractiveness, fuel usage, intercept points and much more. Download (276 kb), unzip it to a directory and run Starscal.exe.

Stars! Calcualtor v3.02 was written by Mathias Dellaert, v3.06 was modied by Andrzej Bloch.

Stars! Strategy Guide

Stars! Strategy Guide is a compilation of articles by a number of authors, which give good advice on various aspects of the game Stars! Download (1.324 kb), unzip it to a directory and launch ssg.htm in your favorite browser.

Universe Creator v1.3

Screenshot of the Universe Creator utility Universe Creator v1.3 lets a Stars! host remap the stars in a Stars! game to correspond to a bitmap, and move around the single stars afterwards (though only in the north-south direction). Download (288 kb), unzip it to a directory and run UnivCrt.exe. As a little bonus, I have also included two batch files that are useful when creating a remapped game, a game definition file and a text file explaining their use.

Universe Creator v1.3 was written by AK.