I play the Stars! computer game, a tactical/strategic computer game which can be played against other players by e-mail and via the internet. A description of and the rules for the "Wheel of Life" game series I host can be found in the sub items to the left. Unfortunately only The Wheel of Life IV and V are available, the earlier iterations of the page have been lost.

The main source of information about the game Stars! is the Stars! Autohost site.

I have some utilities for Stars! available in my Downloads section, and I also offer web space for three HTML/Javascript utilities for Stars! games which can be found here:

Stars! Overall Planet Habitability and Race Econ Calculator - New corrected version as of February 12th 2012

Stars! Packet Travel Calculator

Stars! Trip and Fuel Usage Calculator

I have also attempted to compile all information on the Mystery Trader in one place, see the link to the left.