Here is a list of links I have found interesting or useful, or want you to follow for some other reason:

Role playing games:

Avalon, the largest role playing gaming club in Copenhagen (site is in danish).

Steve Jackson Games, who publish the GURPS RPG rules.

Traveller Central, a site hosting PBeM (Play By e-Mail) games set in the Traveller universe, and offering other interesting information about the Traveller universe.

Viking-Con , an annual gaming convention held in Copenhagen (site is in danish).


Stars! AutoHost, where Stars! multi-player games can be hosted, in a way that is much easier for all involved than if the host has to e-mail turns back and forth.

The Stars! FAQ, where a lot of questions about the game Stars! and the newsgroup are answered.


User Friendly is a daily comic strip. Take a look through their archives, you may want to bookmark that site.


Dave Ragett's Introduction to HTML. This, and the two other introductions linked to at the top of the introduction to HTML, are useful primers in the basics of making web pages.

W3C's CSS validator does the same with CSS style sheets as the HTML validator does with web pages.

W3C's HTML validator can tell you if a web page (such as your own homepage) is standards compliant. A non-compliant webpage may show OK in some browsers, but a standards compliant webpage should look the same in all browsers.


AdAware by Lavasoft is a free program for finding and eliminating spyware. AdAware is very easy to use. You might also want a look at SpyBot Search & Destroy below.

Grisoft, Inc. Everyone needs a good antivirus program, and AVG Anti-Virus is free for personal use.

SETI@home The SETI@home project is a lot of people and companies running a screensaver on their computers, which crunches numbers for the SETI project when the computer is idle. - Spam reporting for the masses, a very useful way to easily report spam to the appropriate abuse addresses. If only more people,would report spam, instead of just deleting it, we might be able to reduce the amount of spam.

SpyBot Search & Destroy is a free program for finding and eliminating spyware. SpyBotSD is extensively configurable. February 2012: The current version of Spybot Search & Destroy is now now version 1.6.2. There is also a late beta (beta 4) of version 2.0. You might also want a look at AdAware above.

ZoneAlarm. Having a good firewall is strongly recommended, and ZoneAlarm is free for personal use.