Christian Rębild's Space


This is my little space on the web, where I will describe some of my interests, and give some links that may be of interest to others.

Several of my interests relate to space, in different ways.

I am interested in space exploration and space technology, as well as computers and the Internet (which is sometimes called cyberspace).

I play role-playing games, most often in science-fiction settings.

I read science-fiction and fantasy books.

I play the Stars! computer game, a tactical/strategic computer game which can be played against other players by e-mail and via the internet. More information can be found under Stars! in ther menu to the left.

I also take part in the SETI@home project. The SETI@home project is a lot of people and companies running a screensaver on their computers, which crunches numbers for the SETI project when the computer is idle. Further information can be found here: SETI@home